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In this special Cottingley Fairies collectors edition of FAE you’ll find reader contributions from the special Cottingley Fairies Social Media Challenge.

There’s an exclusive with the 97 years young, Christine Lynch, daughter of France Griffiths (The younger Cottingley Fairies girl), plus the forthcoming Curious Case of the Cottingley Fairies movie by Brock DeShane.

Princess of Petals Mira Morningstar, graces the centre spread in her magical unicorn attire.

There’s vintage make-up by Atlantis Fae, Fairy Yoga with Rebecca Yoga Fae and a Vintage Fairy Garden meditation with Flavia-Kate Peters.

You’ll find magical imagery throughout this special edition of Fae which you’ll want to treasure forever.

Plus much, much, much more inside this magical winter edition of FAE.

This special edition Gnomes & Gardens issue of FAE is filled with fairies, gnomes and magic! The cover photo, was taken by the super-talented Shirlie Kemp, she also produced the “Merry Faerie Meet” feature inside the mag.

New FAE columnist Lucy Cavendish, answers your questions in her “Faery Blessings” column. Kitty Phelan tells us how to welcome fairies into our garden, featuring model Emma Moon photographed by Andy Teo.

Plus you can take a peek into the very secret “Kelly Fairy Garden”. Photographer and poet Danniellajaine shares her “Diaries of the Daydreamer” photo-feature and poetry.

Jesse Lynn Smart reviews Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay with illustrations by Ginger Kelly, plus she does a mini reading using the cards.

Learn about flower energy and vibrations with Salvatore and Tess Joyce writes about healing in the garden.

Explore the musical world of Mira Morningstar, and embrace your inner gnome with Rebecca Yoga Fae.

Atlantis Fae shows us how to turn your face into a fairy garden! There are lots of fairy events taking us into 2020 and Maggie Hamilton’s new book, “Inside the Secret Life of Fairies” features in the Fairy Book Club section.

Plus much, much, much more inside this magical winter edition of FAE.

This special Faerie Glamour edition of FAE magazine will fulfil the requirements of glamorous faeries everywhere! The cover features the uniquely glamorous Traci Hines, who shares her thoughts on what glamour means to her in an insightful interview with FAE’s Cara Bamford.

We see some previously unreleased photographs of Traci in one of her many glam guises!

You’ll find the gorgeous new Faery Blessing deck by Lucy Cavendish featuring artwork by Amy Brown on the Fairy Book Club page. There is some Dark Crystal news, plus some fairytastic events on the Fairy Diary page.

Take a peek around the magical home of the most glamorous faerie of them all, Jeanette Gage, with photography by her sister, Tanya Short.

She even has a shoe and wing wall! Felicity Fyr Le Fay talks about the Glamour of Faery Immortality in a fascinating article.

FAE reader Amy Ireland graces the new section, FAE Features YOU! Follow FAE magazine (Faeries and Enchantment) on social media and be sure to tag @faemagazine or #faemagazine in your photos holding your copy of FAE!

The perfect stocking filler, the eco-faerie special edition of FAE magazine focusses on all things eco-friendly, which also happens to be fairy friendly! We feature environmentalists from the fairy and mermaid worlds with Hannah Mermaid, and Faerie Cara.

We also feature the stunning eco couture garments of Deborah Lindguist whose designs have been worn by icons like PINK, Rhianna and Sharon Stone to name but a few.

Faerie Cara, the original eco faerie from Australia shares seven tips on what we can do right now to bring about positive environmental change starting on our own doorsteps.

This issue is brimming with eco friendly fairy fashion from ‘Nuwa Apparel’, ‘This is This World’ (photographed by Danniella Jaine), and Megan Henry’s ‘Elaramoon’ Elemental clothing range.

The Fairytale Traveller shows us what might be the most magical eco hotel in the world! Beauty editor Atlantis Fae shares some eco beauty buys. Flavia Kate Peters leads us on a World Healing Faery Meditation.

Plus we venture into the ‘Faery Forest’ to see the tiny fairy furniture created by husband and wife team Megan and Joey Cash. Our Yoga Fairy puts on her eco warrior hat and helps us to save the planet through yoga!

Ceri Norman talks faery flowers, and we meet the ‘Fairies Against Plastic’ team from ‘Fairylove’, who are calling for a total ban on single use plastic by 2010. As fairy lovers, you are more-than-likely already aware of the environmental impact we humans have on our precious planet.

So we need to champion the earth, and make the fairies proud, it’s the least we can do! Here at FAE we like to do our bit too, and every issue is printed on FSC paper, and is carbon neutral. With so much to explore inside, we know you will love this eco-faerie special edition of FAE.

This Pre-Raphaelite special edition of FAE magazine is sure to inspire and ignite your imagination.

This issue looks at the amazing art and stories behind the pre-Raphaelite artists and models.

There is even have a Pre-Raphaelite Beauty make-up page with a modern twist, so you can re-create that romantic look for yourself with FAE Beauty Editor, Atlantis Fae.

Cover girl, Alessia Nicole Letizia Andena shows you how to create your own pre-Raphalite hair-style in 5 simple steps.

Intrepid explorer Jesse Smart went to London in search of Pre-Raphaelite art, she shares her experience exclusively in this special edition of FAE.

We feature modern day artist, Omar Rayyan who was so inspired by Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’ that he illustrated his own book inspired by the poem. Harpist Elizabeth Jane Baldry and actress Maxine Fone were also inspired by The Goblin Market and based an entire performance around it with stunning photography by Brian Froud.

The cover for this special edition of FAE was photographed in Milan, Italy, and features the beautiful Alessia Letizia, photographed by Maurizio Simoni. With so much more to explore inside, you will love this Pre-Raphaelite issue of FAE.

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The winter 2017 edition of FAE looks at women in armour, and includes stunning photographic art from Lillian Liu, and Sheridan’s Art, plus the new limited edition Terry English calendar with photography from John Mason.

Our cover features the beautiful Alex Christine wearing Fiori Couture, photographed by Yiaz Yang. We showcase the limited edition ‘Labyrinth’ fashion collection from Black Milk Clothing in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company.

The Fairytale Traveler visits The Dark Crystal exhibition in Atlanta and interviews Brian & Wendy Froud. ‘Mirror Mirror’ Photography by Ana Isabel featuring Rouge Pony.

Former assistant editor Bryony Whistlecraft exclusively share photographs from her new project, ‘Mooredge in the Mist’ and features some very magical mushrooms!

We welcome new fairy yoga columnist, Rebecca Broomfield. Flavia Kate-Peters takes us on a Wishing Well meditation with the mer-faeries, and the Gardening Angel Trixie Belles shares her harvest with a delicious winter warming recipe (vegan and organic of course!).

Beauty expert, Atlantis Fae tells us how to transform into a unicorn using make-up and magic! The Fairy Fashionista shares part 3 of the worldwide Fairy Wing Guide in the final part of this series.

Plus much more than you can shake a fairy wand at in this wonder-full winter edition of FAE.

This summer 2017 edition of FAE is all about flower faeries, fairytale princesses and fairy brides! Light, bright and fun! And perfect to read in the sun! (or rain!). Our cover features the beautiful and ‘real-life’ fairy bride, actress Charlie Bond, photographed by Shirlie Kemp. The wedding dress was designed by Izzy Ivy, the sparkling headdress is by Ambur Rose, and the beautiful wings were created by Helen Nevett. The charming Flower Fairies of Cicely Mary Barker feature inside.

Cara Bamford takes a look at the Fairy Tale Princesses we know and love. Our Gardening Angel, Trixie Belle the Fairy Gardener, writes her first column for FAE!

We have heard of the Green Man, but have you also heard of the Green Lady? Ceri Norman explores the origins of the Green Lady.


We visit the Princess of the Forest, as photographed by Katherina Vang. Our beauty expert, Atlantis Fae, shares her make-up tips for fairy tale princesses and magical mer-fae!

Photographer Danniella Jaine presents an exclusive photo-shoot “Love is Like a Butterfly”, featuring the wings of Little Wing Faerie Art, and models Gingerface Model and Ian Hencher.

Plus regular contributions from our FAE columnists, plus fairy news and events, faerie fashion, and much much more than you can shake a fairy wand at!

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The theme for the spring 2017edition of FAE is water faeries, with features and articles, including Welsh Lake Faeries, the fine photographic art of Cheryl Walsh (as featured on the cover and inside), and lots more. You’ll also find the world-wide fairy wing guide featuring the most comprehensive collection of wings from the Fairy Fashionista!

Brian and Wendy Froud make an appearance, and Editor Karen Kay shows you how to connect with faeries with a gentle guided meditation. Meet new columnist Trixie Belle the Fairy Gardener, FAE’s very own ‘Gardening Angel’!

See the new Faery Godmother oracle deck by Flavia Kate Peters with art by Julie Dhemiah Meacham. Find out about Faery Days and Faery Festivals with, Ceri Norman, and travel to Mexico for a sacred Mayan journey with the Fairytale Traveler.

Felicity Fyr Le Fay looks at Mystical Fae Folklore in Thailand, while Atlantis Fae shares her spring time beauty advice. Learn some more Faerie Yoga moves with Natty Lotus Flowers, and find out about the months ahead with Solaris in her astrology forecasts. Plus more fun, fairy events and news inside!

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Adobe Photoshop PDFWrap up warm because the winter cover features Zelie Allemoz as ‘Snegurochka’ the ice maiden of Russian folklore, photographed by Viona ielegems.

Adobe Photoshop PDFMusical enchantress Kerli (Feral Hearts) chats with assistant editor Cara Bamford, with stunning photography by Artist Kindra Nikole, and we take a peek at Disney’s forthcoming Beauty and the Beast movie.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Artist Ian Daniels talks about his new project the ‘Faerie Enchantments’ oracle. Faerie architect, Sally J Smith presents her new book, ‘Fairy Houses’, and ‘all that glitters’ really IS gold! in Atlantis Fae’s beauty pages. Felicity Fyr Le Fay takes us into the wintery world of the Snow Queen.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Wendy Froud chats about hers and Brian’s new book ‘The Pressed Fairy Journal of Madeline Cottington’. Laura Daligan talks ‘faerie cats’ featuring readers art and photographs of our feline friends! Flavia Kate-Peters shares a midwinter magic meditation, and Ceri Norman talks Magical Megalithic monuments!

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The Fairy Fashionista shares her top 12 Christmas gift ideas for the discerning faerie shopper! Travel to the polar arctic circle with the Fairytale Traveler, plus you’ll find the regular faerie yoga and astrology pages, exciting fairy news and events, faerie fashion, and much much more than you can shake a fairy wand at!

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FAE issue 36 Autumn 2016

Inside this ‘unicorn‘ special edition of FAE you’ll find lot’s of unicorn related articles, images and meditations.

Adobe Photoshop PDFPlus a wonderful selection of unicorn art and photographs included in the readers gallery. The Fairytale Traveler visits Scotland’s magical Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye, and Angel and Fairy expert Doreen Virtue, talks about working with unicorns. Laura Daligan takes us on a unicorn quest, and Flavia Kate-Peters leads us in a unicorn meditation.

Adobe Photoshop PDFFairy Fashionista Katrina Martin shows us various ideas for layering our clothes in the most fairy flattering way! Atlantis Fae guides us through her autumn beauty products selection. There’s an EXCLUSIVE fashion editorial featuring stunning dresses by ‘Raw Rags’ modelled by Emma Warren.

Adobe Photoshop PDFArtist Rachel Oakes chats about her love for the Strange and Norrell novel, and we glimpse some of her own illustrations. Felicity Fyr Le Fay is in her element as she talks about Fire Faeries!

Adobe Photoshop PDFWe meet Ella Enchanted in the Fairy Forest! Natty LotusFlowers talks about Indra’s Net in her Faerie Yoga column. and Solaris gives us her Astrology forecasts for the autumn months.

Adobe Photoshop PDFPlus lots more, fairy news, fairy dairy with events festivals and fayres! so dive in to this autumnal edition of FAE with a sparkling unicorn twist!

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