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The summer special of FAE will be a Pre-Raphaelite inspired edition

We welcome articles and features (+ cover) ideas

The deadline for summer FAE submissions is 14th May 2018

The next issue of FAE (42) will be our summer special Pre-Raphaelite edition. Art credit: Miranda – The Tempest by John William Waterhouse 1916

Inspired by the romantic Pre-Raphaelite art,  we welcome submissions based on this theme, as well as other creative faery themes. We are happy to accept and review photo-sets (no nudity), short poems and articles. Plus we prefer behind-the-scenes video footage (mobile phone footage is fine). The deadline is 14th May 2018, if you need more time, please contact us first.

Please note it is not always possible for us to reply right away due to the high volume of submissions we receive, however, we always do our best to acknowledge your submission enquiries as soon as possible – please be patient. If your submission is successful you will be contacted within 14 days. FAE is run by a small team of faerie enthusiasts, and as such we do not currently pay for submissions, however, we will showcase your creativity to thousands of faerie fans around the fairy world! Email us at: contribute[at]faemagazine.com (remove brackets).

The autumn issue of FAE will be an ECO FAIRY EDITION

The deadline for autumn FAE submissions is 14th September 2018

This eco issue of Fae will focus on the environment, eco-fashion, eco-make-up, eco everything basically! The fairies love the planet, and we do to – so this issue is dedicated to the true way of the FAE.

PLUS – Submission call for Mermaid Magazine! Coming later this year, a special edition!

We welcome articles, features (+ cover) ideas

Submission Guidelines for both magazines

IMPORTANT: Please familiarise yourself with FAE magazine before submitting articles, images or ideas. We welcome light-hearted faerie/mythical related topics, including folklore, music, film, fashion, and art (all forms).

PHOTOGRAPHIC SUBMISSIONS: FAE is a creatively visual artistic magazine, and we pride ourselves on originality.

When sending us individual photographs, and/or full photo sets for exclusive consideration, please include all credits. Please be aware that FAE is read by adults and young people, so only artful images will be considered, and no overt nudity, so please ‘keep it classy’! We prefer to keep our content on the ‘lighter’ side of faerie. IMPORTANT: We do not accept submissions that have been published or submitted elsewhere.

We request that photographs submitted to FAE are not shown on social networking websites before and during the publication period. Please ask for further info if you need clarification on this.

If you need clarification on any of this please email us: info(@)faemagazine.com (remove brackets). Photography must be at least 300dpi, and images must be large enough to cover an entire full sized page (A4 UK paper size). We prefer Dropbox or WeTransfer.com for the transfer of large files, but can accept images from other file sharing providers.

ARTICLES: When submitting ideas for articles, please ensure any sources are credited. Please keep to a maximum of 2000 word count (ideally 1000 with images). If you wish to request more words, please contact us in advance with a short sample.

SHORT STORIES & POETRY: Generally we do not publish stories, however, we may on occasion publish poetry and short stories alongside photographic features or Fairy art.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We are happy to accept non-exclusive photographic submissions for possible inclusion on our popular social media pages.

PLEASE NOTE: In the spirit of originality FAE Magazine will only accept articles/photo-sets and cover submissions that have not been published (or pending publication) in other magazines, including online social networking sites, Facebook, etc. If in doubt please ask, we are very friendly faeries here at FAE magazine.

Contributors must advise FAE Magazine of the publication status of submissions when they are submitted. Failure to inform us that your work has been previously published (or is to be simultaneously published in another magazine) will invalidate any agreement made with FAE Magazine.

You will always retain the copyright and ownership of your material. FAE magazine retains the publishing rights for any articles and images that appear in the magazine, unless otherwise agreed beforehand in writing. This entitles FAE to use the article again, in print or in any other media, including our App for FAE magazine and other electronic formats, TV, film, video.

If your art, or idea is accepted you will be notified asap via email.

Please email your submissions to: contribute[at]faemagazine.com

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