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 “Your publication is so pretty, its eye candy, so Fairie Fantastic” Artist Linda Biggs

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Our current edition is FAE issue 36 Autumn 2016

Inside this ‘unicorn‘ special edition of FAE you’ll find lot’s of unicorn related articles, images and meditations. Plus a wonderful selection of unicorn art and photographs included in the readers gallery.
Margarita Kareva took the beautiful cover photograph (full credits inside the magazine). The Fairytale Traveler visits Scotland’s magical Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye, and Angel and Fairy expert Doreen Virtue, talks about working with unicorns. Laura Daligan takes us on a unicorn quest, and Flavia Kate-Peters leads us in a unicorn meditation. Fairy Fashionista Katrina Martin shows us various ideas for layering our clothes in the most fairy flattering way! Atlantis Fae guides us through her autumn beauty products selection. Read more details…

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Our magazine has faeries, folklore, fashion, fairy news, faerie features and more! And is published in the UK in magical Cornwall – the enchanted land of the faeries! Faeries and Enchantment mag is sold worldwide, and is also available as an App…

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