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Yay! It’s the shiny new issue of FAE! OUT NOW!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the NEW edition of FAE Magazine – The Authors & Artisans Special Edition.


The new issue was launched at the Froudian Faerie Weekend in Glastonbury to much jubilation!

You can pick up your copy of FAE at NEWSSTAND for worldwide shipping.

We are grateful for your very kind patience as we encountered a number of unpredicted set-backs relating to the magazine over the past couple of years. We are VERY HAPPY to be back!

The next issue will be a FROUDIAN THEMED Special Edition

Send us your Froud inspired photos and content to  info@faemagazine.com

Brian and Wendy Froud at the Froudian Faerie Weekend hosted by Karen Kay’s Faery Events

Froudian inspired backdrop painted by chiannafae.com. Photo taken by M.Tingle.

UK and US Faeries Unite on Avalon Soil

Karen Kay’s Faery Events 2024-2025

Till the next time..
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