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Mediaeval Baebes NEW album!

Exciting news!!! FAE editor Karen Kay is a guest singer on the new Mediaeval Baebes album, Prayers of the Rosary.

“I’m so blessed and honoured to be a part of this album! During these worldwide challenging times, this album will bring a deep sense of beauty and peace to your home over the coming months. I’m singing on six songs! Memorare, Angel of God, Domine Lesu, Glory Be, Hail Mary and Queen of Heaven. You can pre-order now and listen to two of the tracks for free now on Bandcamp!” ~ Karen Kay (Photo by Danniellajaine )

You can pre-order the new album here: mediaevalbaebes.bandcamp.com/album/prayers-of-the-rosary

The album features twelve iconic Catholic prayers, set to vocal plainsong, against a meditative backdrop of local field recordings from sacred locations, archaic and exotic instrumentation and spectral vocal textures; the ultimate winter chill-out album.
Buy yours now and also listen to a sneak preview of two tracks from the album HERE
With Bandcamp waiving their fees for the next 24 hours, right now is a great time to support Mediaeval Baebes.

Mediaeval Baebes founder ~ Katharine Blake

Photography by Janice Issitt Life & Style


In this special Cottingley Fairies collectors edition of FAE you’ll find reader contributions from the special Cottingley Fairies Social Media Challenge.

There’s an exclusive with the 97 years young, Christine Lynch, daughter of France Griffiths (The younger Cottingley Fairies girl), plus the forthcoming Curious Case of the Cottingley Fairies movie by Brock DeShane.

Princess of Petals Mira Morningstar, graces the centre spread in her magical unicorn attire.

There’s vintage make-up by Atlantis Fae, Fairy Yoga with Rebecca Yoga Fae and a Vintage Fairy Garden meditation with Flavia-Kate Peters.

You’ll find magical imagery throughout this special edition of Fae which you’ll want to treasure forever.

Plus much, much, much more inside this magical winter edition of FAE.

Till the next time..
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