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Make a Faerie Bag and NEW Sold-out FAE back issues available to download!

Hi lovely readers! Hope the sun is shining where you are! The weather is beautiful in fairyland here at Fae HQ, and do we have a magical treat for you! Another 7 digital PDF editions of FAE magazine (issues 15 to 21) ready for instant download HERE!

Scroll down to see how you can create you own Faerie Bag with Red Fran of Enchanted Atelier!


You can get an individual issue for £2.49 OR ALL SEVEN for just £10 UKP.


In this newsletter we show you how to make your own faerie bag in another amazing tutorial from Red Fran, which featured in the sold-out issue 15. This edition is available as a PDF digital download if you wish to read it. See all PDF editions HERE.


MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED: Fabric stripes (any fabric is ok, soft material is easier is to work with). Strong thread and a needle One button.

Cut (or rip) your fabric into strips. Make several strips, no longer than 1 metre. Make a braid using 3 strips at a time. I like to mix glitter thread between my strips. I like to use left-over fabric from the clothes I make, so I can recycle it and use the colours that I like! :-).

Knot one end of your braid and take your meedle and thread and start to sew. You can work in a circle or horizontally, it’s up to you: there’s no standard way to sew it, just be sure that your project is compact and strong. To make this bag work in a circle starting from the bottom, keeping the braids flat.

When finished make another knot at the end of your braid and sew it on the last row at the top. Then add a little strip of fabric to make the button hole and sew the button on to the front of the purse. To make the shoulder belt use aprox. 1,5 meter of braid and sew it on to the purse.

Have fun creating! We’d LOVE to see your results!

Tag us on social media with your bag! HASHTAG #faebag @faemagazine 

Till the next time..
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