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App for iPad updated with Spring & Summer FAE

We are happy to announce that the FAE magazine App for IPad has been updated with the Spring & Summer editions of FAE!

You will have the options of purchasing a single issue (£2.99) or a NEW OPTION to SUBSCRIBE for just £9.99 – Great virtual value 🙂

The App can be downloaded to your iPad for FREE! and the winter/spring & summer editions of FAE magazine can be downloaded as an in-app purchase for just £2.99 each.

So, with the click of a button, and as if by magic (faery magic that is!) you can instantly read FAE magaine wherever you are in the whole world! As long as you have an iPad to read on!

We also intend to launch FAE in other formats, but we are taking one virtual step at a time starting with new updates to our iPad FAE App

Till the next time..
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