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Artist Aaron Lee Pocock has had his artwork published on a set of ‘Mystical Creatures’ stamps in Australia.

Aaron says, “I’ve waited a year almost to see these… I worked long and hard on them… here they are at last, Australia Post’s latest stamp issue for stamp collecting month’ 2011. ‘Mythical Creatures’, at your local post office now!”



How to Manifest Your Desires by Living a Life of Divine Love

Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Magic teaches you about the true nature of unicorns, why people are now remembering them, and their purpose for returning to this planet at this time. Included in this book are messages, meditations and exercises to help you heal your heart and discover and manifest your soul’s purpose. You will find out more about the psychic children, what they have come to teach us and how healing your heart chakra with these powerful tools can lead to an increase in joy, prosperity and success in your life. You will discover 8 unicorn signs and symbols and how to decode messages in numerology. This book will also teach you how to use past lives as a healing modality, how to use quantum physics to discover the ultimate nature of reality and how to use hermetics to understand the vibrational qualities of the elementals, including fairies, mermaids, and sylphs. The teachings in this book will transform your life! Features Kitty Bishop Ph.DDoreen Virtue, Flavia Kate Peters and many more.

Available  from www.amazon.com

Unicorn Workshop & Attunement with Flavia Kate Peters,

ATP® Unicorn Energy Healing System, Master

Unicorn image by Sue Clyne

Sunday 1st August at The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury

The unicorns are coming to us now during this time of great change in our world, to teach and show us the gift of unconditional love and the power of healing, which they offer us through their pure energies of light……

Discover who the Unicorns are and how they can help you connect with the Unicorn Kingdom and meet your Unicorn Guide. Make a Unicorn wish and allow the Unicorns to assist you on your path to enlightenment. Learn how to give Unicorn Healings. Discover which crystals align you to the unicorns’ energy and much, much more!

At the end of the day you will have the opportunity to receive a Unicorn Energy Attunement, if you wish to deepen your connection with these amazing beings of light.

Held in a safe, loving and supportive environment with practical exercises & guidance that will help you to connect with the unicorns – making them a beloved part of your life.

Cost: £40 includes detailed manual and attunement

More details from Flavia-Kate’s official website:


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