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Selina Fenech

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Australian artist Selina Fenech is launching her brand new art book on 4th February 2012. Fans of Selina’s faery art will be thrilled to get their hands on a copy of this exciting new book.

visit http://selinafenech.com/2012/fairy-visions-art-book

Selina says, “The first of my art collection books, ‘Fairy Visions’, will be launched for sale on the 4th February 2012! Over the coming year I will be releasing 4 art collections. The first is obviously fairy themed, and it will be followed by the gothic collection, mythology collection, and finally the mermaid collection.”

Each book is 60 pages, 8.5×11 inches in size and beautifully printed. You can get the book, signed by Selina herself, from her Fairies and Fantasy store. It will also be available through Amazon and most other online book retailers.

Ancestry, sensuality, power, compassion, expression, clairvoyance, communion – these life-changing gifts are yours when you choose to enter the Blessed Lands of the Fae. Join spiritual author and teacher Lucy Cavendish on this transformative journey to the enchanted realm of Faery.

Connect with your own beloved Faery Godmother, absorb the wild wisdom of the Faery, visit their magickal hideaways and healing groves and receive their blessings of wellbeing, happiness, purpose, laughter and love. With sonic washes of soothing sounds, this CD is at once a portal to the magick of Faerylande, and a deeply relaxing, inspiring and soothing journey for meditation, every day.

Lucy Cavendish says, “This is The Seven Gifts of Faery, a meditational journey I co-created (with the help fo the faery realms) to help us connect with the realm of the faery, to receive their seven great gifts. I have seen the magickal impact, the healing power of their influence and energy at work… As always, love to the beings I collaborate with. Inspiration, from the Fae, music by Sunsaria, the beautiful image by Selina Fenech.”

CD $19 & PP To order visit the website: http://thelovebubble.com.au

Faery Magic by Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley

Faeries have long captured the imagination, inspiring people to weave mystical stories, create beautiful art and protect and hold nature as sacred. The very idea of them lifts the spirits, opens the heart and the mind, reminds us of the secret longings of our soul, and fills us with happiness, spontaneity and childlike wonder.

Including fun faery  interviews with: Jessica Galbreth,  Doreen Virtue, Cassandra EasonSelina FenechLady Amaranth,  Karen Kay,  Izzy Ivy,  Juliet MarillierCara Walker,  Wendy Rule and Amelia Sayers

The Book of Faery Magic is a must for anyone wanting to grow closer to nature and to their own wild self. Rich in tradition, history, research and faery lore, it is filled with whimsical accounts of interaction with the fae, grounded guidance on working with them, and beautiful ideas for reconnection with the magical realms. From the faeries we can rediscover who we really are, and awaken our natural abilities to create wonderful, enchanted lives that are full of meaning and purpose, fun and delight.

Whether you believe that faeries are truth or fantasy, The Book of Faery Magic is your portal to a state of being where fun, light-hearted and healing energy will help you fulfil all your dreams, transform your life and improve your relationship with the earth, your self and others. Within these magical pages you will:

* Work with the faeries for health and happiness.
* Be granted the Seven Magical Gifts of Faery.
* Meet different faeries from around the world.
* Learn the legends, lore and history of the Little People.
* Visit the planet’s most sacred faery sites.
* Discover the magical properties of faery flowers, herbs and trees.
* Plant your own enchanted garden and brew intoxicating potions.
* Host a magical tea party and bake faery treats.
* Become an eco faery and help make the world a better place.
* Hear from famous faery artists, writers, healers and singers.
* Find out what kind of faery you are, and much much more…

The Book of Faery Magic
by Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley
Blessed Bee, $34.95.

SOURCE  www.faerymagic.net

Fairy Day is a holiday sprung from the imagination of fairy artist:
Jessica Galbreth

The following text is taken from the official Fairy Day website:

There is a veil between the worlds

Years ago, what would seem like many to those of us of mortal blood, but what is really just a twitch of time to the ageless stars and eternal moons, the world of mortal and the world of fairy were separated. Mortal man had become too populous, too jaded, too fast for the easier, more genteel pace of the fairy blooded, so they chose to leave this place and create their own They live now in another level of our world where a veil of magic has been created to divide us from them and keep their lives free of our hectic, desperate struggle to progress. A level close enough for them to keep watch over us, to keep our imaginations alive with periodic night rides through the countryside, witnessed by the lucky few staring out of misty windows on a night seemingly burdened with insomnia. The worlds are so alike, so close in kind they might even be seen as parallel worlds, if not for the beings that inhabit them. Their world is the stuff of legend for our world. The winged and horned and magic creatures unlike any we know here. The beings of rock, of water, of air and fire and spirit. ~ Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, artist, February, 2006

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