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You can see Kate Bush as a Faery

on the front cover of Homeground Magazine.

Kate Bush illustration by Peter Pracownik

Celebrated artist, Peter Pracownik has drawn the delightful image of Kate Bush as her faery self.

Homeground Magazine is the longest running independent magazine about all things Kate. Issue 79 will be the last printed edition of the popular publicaiton, so it’s bound to become a collectors item for all fans of Kate Bush.  HomeGround says, “Our aim will be to publish special issues of the magazine at appropriate times such as album releases, possibly in pdf format”.

HomeGround is the oldest established Kate Bush magazine. It started in 1982 and now, as then, is run independently of any official fan organisation or record company. HomeGround is edited by Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris, Peter Fitzgerald-Morris and Dave Cross. On May 18th 2007 HomeGround celebrated its 25th anniversary!

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