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Nene Thomas

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Artist Nene Thomas is to be a guest of honour

at WindyCon 37 “The Lands of Fae and Back Aagain”

On 12 – 14 November 2010 at The Westin, Lombard, IL, USA


Nene Thomas’s self published, 2011 Calendar features ALL NEW images by Nene Thomas. Some never released before! This Fairy Calendar is limited to Only 3000 calendars for world wide sale.

The images in the calendar are as follows:
January– Asiria, Queen of Knowledge
February– Lovers
March– Concerto Portrait
April– Pretty
May–Corsair Daemira
June–Astranaithes, Queen of Fate
August–Deirdre, The Jewel of Dakkadia
November–Tais, Last Queen of Illymar
December–Kaizeneramikagi, Lord of Snows
Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec 2010 Severielle, Queen of Shadows

Buy the 2011 Faerie Calendar here: www.faerieglennj.com

Fairy Day is a holiday sprung from the imagination of fairy artist:
Jessica Galbreth

The following text is taken from the official Fairy Day website:

There is a veil between the worlds

Years ago, what would seem like many to those of us of mortal blood, but what is really just a twitch of time to the ageless stars and eternal moons, the world of mortal and the world of fairy were separated. Mortal man had become too populous, too jaded, too fast for the easier, more genteel pace of the fairy blooded, so they chose to leave this place and create their own They live now in another level of our world where a veil of magic has been created to divide us from them and keep their lives free of our hectic, desperate struggle to progress. A level close enough for them to keep watch over us, to keep our imaginations alive with periodic night rides through the countryside, witnessed by the lucky few staring out of misty windows on a night seemingly burdened with insomnia. The worlds are so alike, so close in kind they might even be seen as parallel worlds, if not for the beings that inhabit them. Their world is the stuff of legend for our world. The winged and horned and magic creatures unlike any we know here. The beings of rock, of water, of air and fire and spirit. ~ Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, artist, February, 2006

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