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Ancestry, sensuality, power, compassion, expression, clairvoyance, communion – these life-changing gifts are yours when you choose to enter the Blessed Lands of the Fae. Join spiritual author and teacher Lucy Cavendish on this transformative journey to the enchanted realm of Faery.

Connect with your own beloved Faery Godmother, absorb the wild wisdom of the Faery, visit their magickal hideaways and healing groves and receive their blessings of wellbeing, happiness, purpose, laughter and love. With sonic washes of soothing sounds, this CD is at once a portal to the magick of Faerylande, and a deeply relaxing, inspiring and soothing journey for meditation, every day.

Lucy Cavendish says, “This is The Seven Gifts of Faery, a meditational journey I co-created (with the help fo the faery realms) to help us connect with the realm of the faery, to receive their seven great gifts. I have seen the magickal impact, the healing power of their influence and energy at work… As always, love to the beings I collaborate with. Inspiration, from the Fae, music by Sunsaria, the beautiful image by Selina Fenech.”

CD $19 & PP To order visit the website: http://thelovebubble.com.au

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