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Amy Brown

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Exciting news for fairy fans of the artist Amy Brown.


“Celebrate your love of fantastical tales and mystical creatures with a costume inspired by the fantasy artwork of Amy Brown. Enter a world of fantasy and embrace your frivolous secret faery. Sassy, stylish, whimsical and coy only begin to describe this ensemble” (Source: Spirit)

Amy Brown’s fairy designs have been made in the costumes and are being sold at ‘Spirit’ stores. the Fairy costumes come in adult and child sizes.

Click here to view Amy Brown Fairy Fashion outfits at SPIRIT

Dust off those wings and join us for a full day festival of fae!

Saturday, April 17, 2010, Tacoma, WA, uSA

There’ll be artists, musicians, dancers, vendors, crafters, workshops, costume contest & more.
Fun for the entire family! Featuring guest artists Amy Brown, Jody Bergsma & Rob Carlos. Musical guests Alexander James Adams, Green Fay & Jimmy Free. With performances by Janet Rayor stilt dancer, Adderstone Tribal Dance, Jeweled Scarab Dance Company

Fairy Workshops:  Fairy Wand, Fairy Nest home, Goblin Sculpting Workshop

Cost / Admission
$15 ages 12+, $5 ages 5-11, under 5 free
workshops fees are additional and cover all materials- see website for details

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! From: www.springfairyfestival.com

Fairy Day is a holiday sprung from the imagination of fairy artist:
Jessica Galbreth

The following text is taken from the official Fairy Day website:

There is a veil between the worlds

Years ago, what would seem like many to those of us of mortal blood, but what is really just a twitch of time to the ageless stars and eternal moons, the world of mortal and the world of fairy were separated. Mortal man had become too populous, too jaded, too fast for the easier, more genteel pace of the fairy blooded, so they chose to leave this place and create their own They live now in another level of our world where a veil of magic has been created to divide us from them and keep their lives free of our hectic, desperate struggle to progress. A level close enough for them to keep watch over us, to keep our imaginations alive with periodic night rides through the countryside, witnessed by the lucky few staring out of misty windows on a night seemingly burdened with insomnia. The worlds are so alike, so close in kind they might even be seen as parallel worlds, if not for the beings that inhabit them. Their world is the stuff of legend for our world. The winged and horned and magic creatures unlike any we know here. The beings of rock, of water, of air and fire and spirit. ~ Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, artist, February, 2006

FAE Magazine is proud to sponsor the 3rd annual Spring Fairy Festival on Saturday April 17th 2010 at Freighthouse Square in Tacoma, WA, USA

An ALL day event that transforms Freighthouse Square’s Lower Level into a magical fairy forest

2010 Featured Guest Artists:
Jody Bergsma
Amy Brown

and Rob Carlos

For more details visit www.springfairyfestival.com

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