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Summer edition of FAE – issue 27 OUT NOW!!!

Yaaaaay! The sizzling summer edition of FAE Magazine is here!!!FAE Magazine issue 27 In our sizzling summer edition of FAE our cover features the summery Jenna Chapman photographed by Carlene Imagery. Wendy Froud continues her exclusive Faery’s Tales column which includes art by Brian Froud.

Peek_MythMasque_27Professor John Hyatt shares his thoughts and feelings behind his extraordinary photographs of faeries that have recently been featured in news all over the world! Author and actress, Emily Carding shares her thoughts on the power of the written word, and the importance of books in our lives, with photography by Tami Williamson. We feature the stunning images of Filia Lunae Photography in our ‘By the BlueBells and Under the Ivy’ fashion editorial.Peek_Natalle_27 We welcome back former columnists, Flavia Kate Peters, who returns with a powerful Fire Faery Magic visualisation. Peek_Flavia_27 Hannah Titania looks at the Fae and their Flowers with quotes and illustrations from Elizabeth Andrews. Felicity Fyr Le Fay once again opens her Faery Spellbook 101, and Ceri Norman helps us in the art of wish craft! Peek_Felicity_27Our resident Fairytale Traveller takes a trip to magical Ireland and meets with a local faery expert. Lady Amaranth models the jewellery of Salem’s Lot with photography by Mark Perry. Peek_Kymm_27Doreen Virtue shares her fairy wisdom with her Fairy Oracle card for this quarter, and our Faerie Yoga expert shows us some simple techniques we can all try at home. Solaris gives her her Fairy Astrological predictions for the coming months.

Peek_Labyrinth_27With more enchantment that you can shake a faerie wand at, FAE is first for Faery News! Now available in Eason’s of Ireland. SUBSCRIBE NOW or purchase a single copy of this sizzling summer edition of FAE HERE!


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