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Issue 17 of FAE & Faery Events!

Our winter edition of FAE!

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In our winter edition, issue 17, Snow White graces our cover as Designer, Alassie creates a fairytale look for the winter, and Hannah Titania tells us about her real life fairytale in a special interview. We enter the world of Fauns and Satyrs in our ‘Faun-tastic’ feature with contributions from Emily Carding, and Toby Froud written by Felicity Fyre Le Fay, who also shows us the Darker Side of Faery. The Leprechaun music reviewer returns too! And Doreen Virtue says, ‘Your wish is Granted’! In her magical messages from the faeries column.  READ MORE HERE

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At the Avalon Faery Fayre THIS WEEKEND!

Meet Jasmine Becket-Griffith on her first ever appearance at a UK event, and see exclusive art she has created to reveal at this event! Plus special guest artists Josephine Wall, Linda Ravenscroft,

Emily Carding
Armorel Hamilton
Trudi Finch
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We will all be dancing the night away at the Avalon Faery Ball to the sounds of The Dolmen and Spriggan Mist!
The Faery Ball is now SOLD OUT, but we will be posting pictures here so you don’t miss out on all the faery fun!
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