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Story-telling, dance and puppetry inspired by Rackham’s drawings and paintings of faeries. An evacuee gets lost in Kensington Park Gardens where she meets Fippery and Gluck, Anak, Drone, helps them fight the evil faerie Dolour and recovers the mysterious golden coffin.

10 December 2010 to 2 January 2011
At Linbury Studio Theatre

After its sell-out premiere performances in 2008, Will Tuckett’s magical show Faeries is brought to the Linbury Studio Theatre by ROH2 for the first time. A special event for young families and the young at heart, its combination of actors and puppets fromBlind Summit Theatre is truly spellbinding. Written by Rebecca Lenkiewicz and with music by Martin Ward, the story follows the adventures of a young wartime evacuee who is drawn into a world of fantasy and imagination as twilight falls in Kensington Gardens. The landscape of London reveals both magical and sinister worlds of fairies and sprites, but seldom where we expect them or as we imagine they will be. The translucent textures of Arthur Rackham’s much-loved illustrations have inspired the designs, and a sense of mystery and magic pervades the whole show. This is definitely a work celebrating the innocence, mischievousness and wide-eyed wonder of childhood.

For details on FAERIES visit www.roh.org

More information from www.blindsummit.com/Faeries.htm

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