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Fae Wand Tutorial! Download FAE Now!

We are super-excited to announce that you can now download to your computer, the first 7 issues of FAE magazine!

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Experience FAE (Faeries and Enchantment) magazine from our humble beginnings! When all the issues were pixie sized! See how FAE has evolved since the first edition back in 2007! More issues will become available soon!


From issue 3 with Kim Cooper

1. It is not the wand that works it is the practitioner. Your wand is a tool used to direct the users will or intention. Wands are gifts from the trees, it is best never to cut a branch from your chosen tree but to collect a branch that’s already fallen from it. Remember to ask the trees permission It’s also a good idea to leave an offering, water, honey, wine, or crystals are good.

2. Remove the bark from the wood then attach a crystal to the top, you can use any type of crystal that you hold an affinity with I often use rose quartz as it is easily obtainable and is the stone of un- -conditional love and infinite peace. It’s best to wrap strong string around the bottom half of the crystal and onto the wood as this will help keep it in place and will hide the glue.

3. If you have a wood burning pen you can create more meaning to your wand by adding patterns, zodiac signs, runes, wiccan, faery elfin or pagan symbols. Felt tip will also work just as well and you could experiment with different colours on the wood. There really are no rules when it comes to the creation of your wand, so allow yourself to have lots of fun!

4. I often wrap string around the bottom end of the wand as this will give you a better grip/grasp. One of the most wonderful ways to create a powerful piece is to add a memento that has meaning to you; this can be any- -thing, a pebble, ribbon, a bit of fabric or even a twig. Use your imagination as there are no rules, just allow your creativity to flow as you create your wand.

5. The traditional length of a wand is said to be around eighteen inches long. However it’s fine for your wand to be bigger or smaller, whatever you feel ok with is “right” for you. your wand will look lovely when placed upon a faery altar, and will add an extra magical feel to a sacred space. They also make beautiful hand-made gifts.

6. To activate or Charge your new wand hold the wand, focusing on energy flowing out of your hands and into the wand. If you intend to use your wand for magic it’s important to remember magic should always be under taken in the spirit of love and kindness, as negative spells are likely to backfire.

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We have just released ALL 6 ISSUES FAE’s sea*star magazine:

Mermaids & Mythology!

All of these issues except for issue 4 (we have a few copies available HERE) have sold out! But for the FIRST TIME you can download them all to your computer HERE – Or purchase a single PDF issue to get a flavour of the magazine style and content. There will be a special edition of Mermaid Magazine coming very soon!



Cottingley Fairy Lock-Down Challenge!

Create a photographic homage to the Cottingley fairies pictures taken by Elsie and Frances. Email your photos to info@faemagazine.com for possible publication by the 1st of May!

Photos can be colour or black/white. We are dedicating AT LEAST 8 PAGES for your contributions! This is the perfect fun thing to do with yourself or your children as you pay homage to the iconic Cottingley images. Does not have to be outdoors, be creative and use your imagination! We look forward to seeing your photos!

Photographer: Tim Winter Costumes and MUA: Rosanna Long
Models: Rosanna Long, Emily Barnes and Hannah Wheatley
Fairy Wings and Jewellery: etsy.com/uk/shop/JustAsStrangeAsIAm



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